Jim-the Computer Guy and Upgrades

Upgrades. Considering Windows 10, Apple macOS or adding more memory to your computer? Are your peripheral devices and computer programs for a new computer not working? Give us a call first; Jim can advise you of all available upgrade options so you can get the most performance for your money.

Update Microsoft Windows 10 Update Apple macOS

Downgrades to Windows 7?

windows7 Professional upgrade

Not happy with your Windows 10  machine? Some software applications do not work on the updated Microsoft operating systems. Check with Jim about restoring Windows 7 or 8 on your computer…

Peripherals can add functionality to your computer:


The input and output devices connected to your computer. Some basic peripherals include a mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, internet modem and DVD-CD disk drives/burners. Cash Registers, printers, scanners and computers for inventory and accounting are necessities for small businesses.

Jim can order replacement and specialized peripherals at discount prices for you. He can add a CD-DVD drive/burner or modems to your computer.

Jim the Computer Guy services cash registers, laser printers and FAX machines.
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