Virus Removal

Jim the Computer Guy can rid your computer of nasty Viruses and SpyWare.

And just as importantly—help insure that they do not return!

computer-insidesOften times these viruses invade your computer and destroy important files and photos. They invade your privacy! Jim has lots of experience in this part of home and business computer repair.

Increase in Computer Viruses… and spy ware infestations because they are proliferating rapidly along with the spread of always-on broadband connections like cable and DSL. Constant pop-up ads, hijacked web browser start page settings, and strange icons on your desktop are signs that your computer could be infected with spyware. If you think your machine is already infected, call to schedule service for virus removal.

files-screenData Recovery. Often virus infections, deleted or corrupted files, unexpected system shutdowns, hard drive failures and accidental reformatted hard drives can cause critical data loss. Jim can help you recover your lost files and data securely.

Fire Walls and Specialized Software can prevent unwanted invasions on your computer.

Security is very important in today’s businesses and homes. Jim has one of the highest security certifications through Comp TIA Security A+. We can recommend and provide the latest in virus protection technology at the best value to help prevent infection.

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In Home or Office Computer Repair in Gettysburg and Biglerville area.