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Jim – The Computer Guy

Jim McGinnis - The Computer Guy

Jim McGinnis
The Computer Guy

You can feel confident and secure with Jim McGinnis.

He has worked in computer repair field for the last 16 years. Jim has experience as an Hewlett Packard Technician, and as a computer field engineer.

Computer Viruses and Spam

He can recover lost files and secure your computer against viruses and other hackers/spyware. Jim has experience with a variety of specialized peripheral devices such as computer tracking devices, scanners, printers, cash registers, etc. He can order discount computer equipment to your specifications. Jim can help you with systems administration tasks so you can focus on your business.

Why chose Jim the Computer Guy?

Jim has worked in business operations for 15 years. He knows what it takes to keep a business or household going. He has 8 years in the US Marine Corp with top secret clearance. Your files are kept confidential.  He has been Jim-The Computer Guy for 14 years.

He has experience in tutoring and help desk support through HACC. Jim the Computer Guy will help you make your computer work efficiently so you can run your business and household.

He started his business in Carlisle PA. A family situation brought him to Gettysburg – Littlestown area. He has volunteered for the Knights of Columbus, South Middleton Fire Department, Ancient Order of Hiberians, St Patrick’s Church, St. Patrick’s Elementary School and Scout troop.

Jim is certified as a MICROSOFT Systems Administrator and a MICROSOFT Professional. He also has CompTIA A+ and Comp TIA Security A+ certifications.
CompTIA Certified
Comp TIA Certified
Microsoft Certified
Microsoft Certified